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Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.

Pilates is much more than just a few exercises on a mat. It is a complete system with more than 500 exercises that correct and balance the body. 

The basic principle is strength with flexibility in a controlled manner to move better in any form.

When you practice this method regularly, you will soon notice a difference in the quality of your movements. Both your daily life and your sports performance will improve. You generally feel fitter and fresher in mind.


Because of these positive effects, Joseph Pilates quickly became known among people with physical complaints, dancers, actors and athletes. They were sent to 'Uncle Joe' by their trainers in case of an injury or to specifically work on their fitness.

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Missie & Visie

Getting things moving and guided according to the authentic pilates method that has existed for more than 100 years.

We work in an honest, dynamic and targeted manner to help your entire body move better. 

Regularity brings results.

With the necessary focus, patience and perseverance you can quickly push your own boundaries. What once seemed impossible, you suddenly do very convincingly.

With respect for each individual and in a cozy home atmosphere:

Move and create your own flow!




is a professional dancer with international experience.

During her dance training she learned the pilates method in England. Virginie continued to practice pilates intensively in addition to dance and decided to follow the Pilates Studio Training in Germany.

She has been teaching pilates for 15 years and founded her own studio.

Virginie immersed herself in the Joseph H. Pilates method and took additional courses:

  • The Classical Syllabus®, Mejo Wiggin (Rome)

  • Full Comprehensive Teacher Training Bridging programHolly Murray (London)

  • Master Degree, Teacher Proficiency Program, Pilatistic Old School Pilates, Marian Tarin & Miguel Jorge Jr (Barcelona)

  • The Pilates Rotterdam Training Education, Javier Velazquez, Seminars & Workshops (Rotterdam)

She continues to educate herself, taking private lessons and workshops abroad to optimally pass on the Pilates method to her clients and students.

Virginie obtained a master's degree in TALK/ Theater Studies (VUB), a teacher's diploma (SLO), and is trained as a dance teacher and as a yoga teacher. She also completed training as a personal coach, career counselor and coach in organizations (YourCoach).

Virginie knows how to get you moving in a graceful, firm and idiosyncratic way, and with the necessary quip.

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